Cast stone fireplace mantels are perfect fits for all houses irrespective of what fire source does the chimney runs on. This is because cast stones like limestone stand guard against fire from wood, oil, as well as gas, without rusting, burning, or fading. Undoubtedly, stone structures like these are one time investments, but Omega fireplace mantels for sale make even the most expensive pieces affordable. So, when running on a low budget, it’s best to consider the limestone structures being offered on a discount. Besides, you can trust such companies even when it comes to the quality of exquisite pieces being offered at a lower rate.

What Are The Best Advantages Of Buying A Limestone Fireplace Mantel?

By now, it’s already clear that cast stones are fire resistant. Which is why they are much more valuable on a comparison to brick mantels for decorating an active fireplace. And the best 5 advantages of having them decorate your house are given below.

  1. Cast stone fireplace mantels are a blessing for people living in cold conditions. They absorb heat so that the entire room can get warm. In other words, they reduce power consumption by working as a natural heater, cut down electricity bill, and insulate the house, all at the same time
  2. Limestone mantels can be customized with beautiful inscriptions carved for a regal finish. They can be used to design exquisite overmantels that are though expensive, but worth every single dollar. Also, limestone can flaunt different patterns like the Sahara diamond pattern, ash honed pattern, pearl diamond pattern, and limestone open cast pattern
  3. Limestone fireplace mantels remain true to their texture, strength, color, and finish for many many years. The one thing that you should consider in order to let the stone mantels relish their original properties is not exposing them to anything that’s combustible
  4. It is fairly very easy to clean cast stone. It doesn’t require anything extra for pampering too. In layman terms, it is a low-cost maintainable structure that can also be used as a storage item when built with cabinets
  5. Limestone fireplace mantels have soft and neatly done edges – shaped in different patterns – so that they can cover all the 4 corners of a fireplace perfectly. All that’s needed on your behalf is to supply the manufacturers with accurate fireplace dimensions – height and width

To conclude, cast stone fireplace mantels are the most charming decor pieces that look stunning on all kinds of interiors, then be it contemporary, Victorian, European, or modern.